Art, in all its expressions,
                requires a big sensibility


07/01/13 and selected artists showcasing their work at the Boca Raton Art Attack Arts & Crafts Expo Center.


Arts Garage, “the most diverse and avant-garde art incubator in the county” as pronounced by Palm Beach Illustrated, is opening its doors to Networking Hispanos and Latin American Arte for an evening of Latin Music, Art and Fashion.


Seven talented artists are exhibiting their art at Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery: Carmen navas, Andres Calderón, Catalina Lackner, Christian Muñoz, María del Pilar Vargas, Clemencia Hernández and Rafael Dussan.


Latin American Arte celebrated the Hispanic Heritage month with the friends of the Boynton Beach library. We would like to thank the 12 artists that participated and exhibited their art.





Our purpose is making a real space of this Virtual Gallery, where emerging Latin American plastic artists and some artists whom are already positioned in art market, are welcome.


We hope to achieve a perfect contact of artists, with gallery owners, investors, collectors, museums and making a network which leads to tangible benefits.


Artists who participate in this Project, offer several options related to styles, shapes, colors, techniques and creativity, and for this reason, we invite you to enjoy the art world of each of them.

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Featured Artists

Latin American Arte Gallery


Alfredo Aldana - Allegorical and surrealistic forms make his art work to be a unique style.

Manena  - Her work praises the fertility and sensuality of life.

Vianey - Stylize faces, vivacity colors and emotion reflected modern art.

Jovani Alzate - A pop-surrealist artist.

Naza - Figurative art with unique touch of abstract.

Gladys Velez - Colors, forms, figures and landscape is the touch of reality.

Luis Hernández - Realistic Cubism, is the style of art, that he prefers to do.

Dindy - Lourdes Cancela Rodríguez- Her figurative style is the complement of sensibility, sensuality and passionate art. 

Maritza Bernal- She is a painter specialized in the Naturalism and Realism Style, like a Classic Master.

Clemencia Hernández Guillén - Touch the canvas in full expressive qualities colors and textures, to make singular combination of Abstract Expressionism.

Gladys Helena Beltran Posada (Libertad) - In her own view, the world is naive ingenuosness, and like a poet  paint with inspiration and sensibility. 

Francisco Cerón - Cerón’s art work combines Pop-Art elements, Cubism, with classic & modern techniques, using Pre-Columbian symbols, and Pre-Hispanic and Ancient icons from different cultures. 

Rafael Dussan Mejia - Dussan takes us back in time to rescue the history, America's conquest, and its direct relation to the Catholic religion.

Carmen Navas - Critics see and define her artwork like one with a fresh style, simply naive, by combining the essence of the Modern Masters with the elements of Pop Art.

Andrés Calderón Sánchez - He has an inclination for the traditional and primitive art, and his subject matter are nature, vital values, and humanity.

Christian Muñoz - His art fluctuates between carefully planned paintings and spontaneous abstract/graphic work

MPilar Vargas - Her art is figurative expressionist and based on a sequence of faces and symbols with life on their own.

Olga Lucia Ulloa - Simple and contemporary expression of PASSION, VERSATILITY, AND DESIGN. 

Raquel Múnera - "Raquel has many years of experience in various painting and sculpting techniques, though she has specialized in lost-wax bronze casting and oil painting. She is currently working with paper, continuing research she began during her career at Dimensional Workshop of the EPA, Popular Art School of Medellin.

Mónica Bernal - Múnera - Mónica has created works in areas such as public space, performances, videos, and furniture using natural materials such as papers, different kind of boards, and wood.