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Introduction Book Clonarte

In this first volume of the Book CLONARTE, I have joined Journalism and Art, two of the disciplines which has guided me during fourty years to explore paths, to research, read and consult.

From the beginning in journalism, I perceived that through interview, I could discover unkown worlds, to enter into the characters, to find out, explore and visualize the work of artists from other perspective.

When I began to have incursions in journalism and to be involved in art during the decade of 70s, I found out that I could complement both disciplines. From then, I learned with the knowledge of two Masters of the interview and the report of XX century. The first one, Oriana Fallaci with her book “Interview with History” and the second one, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, with “Chronicles and Reports”. From these years, I began talks, conversations, interviews and articles with artists, mainly Latin American and Spanish artists.

¿Why the name CLONARTE? I have began from two premises. One that through times, the artist has reproduced, from the predecesors, shapes, images, style and copies of art. And when graphic arts appeared, the massive reproduction of visual arts has been exponential. Hundreds of Works of artists have been reproduced in lithographies, serigraphies, engravings, giclées, and nowadays, with “democratization of art”, in daily objects.

Technology has contributed to massification of art through digital tools like the computer, the Tablet, the intelligent phone, and recently the 3-D printers (third dimension); therefore, there are a lot of reproductions which are identical to the original Works.

Besides, the falsifiers of art who introduce copies of famous artists in the most prestigious galleries and museums, motivated by unscrupulous collectors who move a multimillionaire black market.

In this first volume, I have included the first ten interviews to artists with whom I have worked in a collective exhibitions. They represent their origin Countries: Colombia, Spain, United States of America, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

During the last nine years, I have promoted most of them in Latin American Arte on line Gallery and I have organized collective exhibitions with all of them in several cities of the State of Florida, from Miami to Orlando and in Madrid, Spain.

I grant a recognition to them for their hard task and their great work.

I let readers conclude by themselves.

Eduardo Hernandez de la Pava
Director - Art Consultant - Curator

Presentation Book Clonarte Vol. I