Rafael Dussan Mejia

Rafael Dussan Mejia


The art of the Colombian artist, Rafael Dussan Mejia, takes us back in time to rescue the history, America's conquest, and its direct relation to the Catholic religion, which he, as a cronist, critic, and faithful witness of his contradictions, expresses in his work  "El Tribunal del Santo Oficio", in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, known today as the Inquisition Palace and central theme of some of his expositions.


He handles very purely the human figure, sometimes with eroticism, some with sensuality, but always standing out the human sexuality from its sensations, prohibited and repressed emotions, and forbidden and permitted relationships.


His art work is part of multiple art collectors, gallerists, and museums like: Hans Jurgen Doepp, whom is a German collector of Erotic Art, The Museum of Eroticism in Paris, France , Gallery Alonso Art in Bogotá, Colombia, and The Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena, Colombia, among others.


He studied different subjects in a few different universities in Bogota, Colombia: Teology & Philosophy in the Main Seminar, Physicology in The Javeriana University, and Plastic Arts in Cooperartes in The National University.  He investigated about the human body with the masters Gloria Caicedo, Justiniano Durán, Manuel Hernández, Nelly Rojas , and Cristina Cortez, in Bogotá, Colombia.  He also studied Modern Engraving in The Atelier Contrapoint 17, in Paris, France. 


After living for eight (8) years in Europe, specifically in France and Italy, he returned to Colombia to dedicate himself to teach drawing classes in Bogotá and Cartagena, this last city where he has his art studio, developing simultaneously the investigation and develop of his work.


Since the year 1990 he has realized individual and collective expositions in Colombia, Central America, United States (U.S.A.), and Europe.


He has worked as an illustrator for books like The Anticrist, by Nietszche, The History Of The Eye, by Georges Bataille, The Council Of Love, by Oskar Panizza, and Obsession, a book edited by Peter Weiermair in Vienna, Austria.


In 2009 he participated with his drawings in the movie "Los Extraños Presagios De León Prozac", produced by Carlos Santa.


Dussan has received the prizes Salón Bolívar Grande (1999), in Cartagena, Colombia, and Salón Du Parc Floral (2004), in Paris, France.