Maria del Pilar Vargas

Maria del Pilar Vargas


Self-taught Artist.


Born in Neiva, Huila(Colombia),1973; currently lives in Lake Mary, Fl.


​Early during MPilar’s childhood her parents noticed a special interest for arts mostly in Dance and Painting. At that time, she participated in multiple school arts activities in which awarded some of them. She studied Advertising and worked in this field for about 10 years within important companies in Bogota (Col); however, she didn't stop pursuing painting, her real passion.


​After years, she studied several art techniques on her own as well as experimented with different surfaces and processes. She began with the use of pastel which enjoy profoundly, but since four years ago she started to explore acrylics which provide more freedom to express her feelings through colors and textures that she include on canvas, wood and recycled material as X-ray film and insulation foam panels.


​Her style, Figurative Expressionist, is based on a sequence of faces and symbols with life on their own.” In it we can see ourselves within different environments affecting us in different ways throughout the continuous evolution of our existence”. At other times, Abstract Expressionist, with unpredictable work but with a lot of feelings and expressing that “life is an experience full of emotions, stories and facts and we should learn from it through time”.


“My goal is to convey emotions in order to have the viewer directly and indirectly involved in a sensorial journey of experience and somehow, find elusive answer to the questions we all continuously ask ourselves