About Us

About Us


The purpose of Latinamericanarte.com, is creating a virtual art space or gallery, in which some emergent artists and some who are already consolidated, can offer their works, which we hope to reach a market which, every day, is more receptive in the acquisition of art works as an investment, collection or simple a decoration.


We pretend that this Project is like a tool to promote the Latin American art book “Clonarte” initially and in the same way, promoting this virtual gallery and artists who participate in it.


Latin American Art has had many aspects. It was an easy acquisition art up to year 1980, when Sotheby’s, a New York tender House and its competitor, Christie’s began to offer Latin American paintings to International markets. In this moment, artists from north, central and south America became a plastic art boom.


Eight years after being globalized, Roberto Matta, Diego Rivera, Fernando Botero and Wifredo Lam’s works, reached really surprising figures. When Mary-Anne Martin, in 1990, acquired “Diego and me”, a Frida Kahlo’s work, in a tender house, from this moment, Latin American Art has exceeded a millon Dollar amount and nowadays, it continues exceeding this amount, which is demonstrated with sales of tender houses in New York in the month of November, surpassing  34 million Dollars.


Latin American Art characteristics are the subject matter, the bright colors, it is a modest art, without any pretension; it has its origin in Mexico, South America and the Caribbean and an artistic inheritance which is the product of a mixture of European, African and Native cultures.